b'PILCHUCK GLASSSCHOOL People for centuries have been The Most Magical fascinated with glass. It transmits light in a special way,of all Materials and at any moment it might break. Its the most magical of all materials.DALE CHIHULY, 1992Glass art is a medium that hasFounded in 1971 by glass artist Dale Chihuly COURTESY OF PILCHUCK GLASS SCHOOLthe ability to take your breathand patrons Anne Gould Hauberg and John awayleaving you awestruck thatH. Hauberg, what began as a single summer camp on a $2,000 grant has grown into the something once molten liquid is nowmost comprehensive center for glass art solid, with colors that swirl togethereducation in the world. In June 1971, three and change with the light, fragile yetartistsDale Chihuly, John Landon, and Art strong. In the mid-twentieth century,Wood, along with 18 students set up camp based on Chihulys vision of creating a space glass art (or studio glass) was virtuallywhere artists working in glass could create, unknown in the United States, withcollaborate, share ideas, and learn from each all glassware traditionally madeother. With extensive knowledge but limited in an industrial setting. Yet today,equipment, and no electricity or running water, students constructed their own housing (tents nestled in the foothills of the Cascadeor rudimentary tarps over planks) and built a Mountains amidst a working treehot shop from scratchpoles to support the farm in Stanwood, Washington isroof were collected from the forest and the an international center for glass artroof was sewn from Army tents and tarps. The spirit of experimentation and exploration of educationthe Pilchuck Glass School. the Pilchuck founders during that summer of 1971 has endured the test of time and the core values of the school remain the same todayto inspire creativity, transform individuals, and build community. Discover Stanwood-Camano magazine has brought new customers through our door! We are so pleased to hear fromDuring the months of May through September, first-time customers that they saw our advertisement in theThe Pilchuck School hosts more than 500 students and artists from all over the globe. Discover Stanwood-Camano magazine while staying atWhat once started as a camphas become a the Angel of the Winds hotel. We have a small advertising54-acre campus set within a 15,000-acre tree budget, so we cant advertise everywherefarm with breathtaking views of the Puget but seeing how quickly new customers Sound. The campus has a quintessential have found us, it is worth every penny!Pacific Northwest design, and embraces the surrounding environment with rustic wooden Karla Colando, Brick Road Antiques, Stanwood structures, river rock fireplaces and largewindows with panoramic views. It is in this setting that a special sense of community is formed, new ideas are created, art comes to 28Discover Stanwood-CamanoSpring/Summer 2020 9/27/19 1:40 PMBrick Road Antiquestestimonial Sept19.indd 1'