b'PRESERVING THE PASTPreserving the past and keeping pace with the futurean oldof Twin City Foods Company and relocated to its present location at Stanwood Fire House is reinvented into a community focused brewery,the corner of 270th St. and 102nd Drive. A few years later in 1960 the bringing a world class beverage and dining experience with a respectfultwin cities of East Stanwood and West Stanwood consolidated and nod to the past. the fire department was moved to a new building in East Stanwood.It was 1929, theThe historic fire house then was re-tasked as a municipal building, COURTESY OF THE STANWOOD AREA HISTORICAL SOCIETYstart of The Greathousing the City of Stanwood Public Works Department.Depression, and TheNew life was infused into the historic building when it sold at auction City of Stanwoodto two firefighters in 2006 revitalizing the building into a brew pub had sufferedwith a firefighter theme and a pub grub menu. The building is now devastating househome to Stanwood Artisan Ale and Lager (SAAL Brewing Company) fires and wereand new owners Kristine Birkenkopf and Matt Stromberg have struggling to raisecreated an artisan experience, with local ingredients in both drinks $2,500 for a larger,and food, while preserving the rich historic experience the building more equippedprovides. SAAL (pronounced sale) has an extensive menu with fire station. multiple vegan and gluten free options, as well as plenty to satisfy the Not wantingcarnivores. Tip: dont miss out on the candied baconseriouslyStanwood Volunteer Firemen celebrating the achievement of their new fire hall in 1929.to financiallywith those two words how can you go wrong? Family and pet friendly burden the city,(on the patio) the children will delight in the hand crafted sodas and construction relied on volunteer businessmen and carpenters asvisiting with the ceramic dalmatian mascot named Blaze. Reflective of well as fundraising efforts including a firemans ball. In October ofthe desire to stay localyou will find a wide array of local beer, wine, 1929, a celebratory banquet was held to reveal the new buildingatand cider from independent Washington establishments which rotate 60 feet long and 22 feet wide the building was concrete on the lowerfrequently. While you are feasting on delicious locally sourced cuisine section with an upper story of wood walls and stucco. Furnishedtake time to enjoy the history of the buildingfrom the gleaming with sleeping quarters for two men, a large meeting room, kitchenbrass sliding pole to the sign under the bargive thanks to the efforts facilities, and a lower floor to house trucks and pumping equipment. of the community and the firefighters from 1929. Inside was an 18 foot slick brass sliding pole and a handmade portable pump truck that took 500 hours to construct. In 1954, theArticle abridged from To preserve or not to preservebuilding was moved from Saratoga Street to allow for the expansionStanwoods Historic Fire Station Stanwood Area Echoes No. 31 p. 12A must seeboutique and gift shop. Ladders Clothing & Company8723 271st St NWStanwood 360.572.4279Spring/Summer 2020Discover Stanwood-Camano19'