b'PLANNINGPre-Application ProcessBY GLEN PICKUS, PLANNING DIRECTORE verybody wants their developmentrecommended. Applications that arewill describe what items will have to be applications to be reviewed anddecided by the Hearing Examiner or thesubmitted with the development application approved as quickly as possible.City Council are required to go throughand what the fees will be. If specific And by everybody, I mean not only thethe pre-application process. These includequestions are asked on the pre-application applicant but also those of us at City Hall. applications for subdivisions, conditionalsubmittal, those will be answered.The best way to minimize the timeuse permits, variances, and rezones. While initially pre-applications dont between permit submission to permitIt doesnt take a lot of effort to goinclude a meeting with staff, if after receiving issuance is to choose to go through thethrough a pre-application review. At athe Permit Coordinators letter an applicant pre-application process. bare minimum, all that is required towants to meet were happy to schedule that.Pre-application is a service offeredget back meaningful results is a sketchBy going through the pre-application to applicants as an opportunity toof a conceptual site plan and a narrativeprocess you can ensure your permit get early guidance from the City ondescribing the proposed project. Thatapplication will not only be complete policies, regulations, standards, submittalsaid, the more information provided andbut it will be high quality. A quality requirements, and code compliance beforethe more detailed that information is, theapplication is the single best way to investing in expensive plans and engineering. more value will be realized through themake the permit review process go as With your pre-application submittal youpre-application process. swiftly as possible.can ask questions, explore alternatives, andWe strive to respond to pre-applicationThats why we encourage all potential learn how to make your project move faster,requests within 1-2 weeks. Applicantsdevelopment permit applicants to request in a more code-compliant manner. Thereceive a letter from our Permit Coordinatorpre-application. Weve kept the process as benefits include a consolidated preliminarywhich includes comments from various citysimple as possible and dont charge a fee, review and specific feedback from City staff.departments including Planning, Building/ unlike other cities, so there really arent Pre-application is free and voluntaryFire Marshal, Engineering and Publicany reasons to not take advantage of the (with a few exceptions) and highlyWorks (utilities). The Permit Coordinatorpre-application service. SnohomishSUPPORTLooking to advertise? Contact Julie Applegate to discuss how to maximize your exposure to residents of Snohomish206-753-7250julie@philipspublishing.comSNOHOMISH QUARTERLYSPRING 20207'