b'MAYORS MESSAGEOur Remarkable TownBY JOHN T. KARTAK, MAYORD ifficult and strange times are nosafety of their own vehicles. Our SchoolOur actions during match for the love and kindnessDistrict has prepared and distributed that are found in the Snohomish1,800 meals daily.community. The coronavirus pandemicGrocery stores have set aside special has been a challenge, but it also broughthours dedicated to seniors and thosethis time have clearly out the best in our nature. Only threewith health concerns. Volunteers haveshown that at the core, months ago, I wrote about how thebeen found across the Facebook and economy is great, .and the trafficNextdoor platforms offering serviceswe are deeply united stinks. That powerful reality was flippedfor shopping and delivery to those in completely upside down just days into theneed. I know of some who have gone upas one town. Love and worldwide crisisthis while the heart ofand down their street to donate paper our community remained unshaken. Itowels and toilet paper to neighbors whokindness are measured summarize what is inwere in short supply. that heart as small- Faith communitieswhen put to the test, town values. Here areand organizations some observations thathave manufacturedand we passed with reflect this: personal protection In response to theequipment to helpflying colors.emergency, nearlymeet medical and a dozen churchesoperational demands. have taken turns toKuslers Pharmacy continue the Monday/ donated handfront lines. The Pursuit Church paid off Thursday communitysanitizer to our Policeall of the school lunch debt at one of our dinners at Saint JohnsDepartment, Boyselementary schools. The volunteer group Episcopal Church& Girls Club, andSpruceUp Snohomish continued their by packaging up andFood Bank. Skip Rockefforts to clean up litter in parks, on then distributing theDistillers changedtrails, and along our streets. There are, freshly-cooked mealstheir operationsjust as certainly, countless others who outside in front. Likewise, the Snohomishto formulate, manufacture, and offerhave gone above and beyond, and I wish Senior Center has continued their dailymedical grade sanitizer to local hospitals,I had time (and room) to recollect them senior lunch program much in the samenonprofits, and the Department ofall here.way. At the Snohomish Food Bank, anEmergency Management. LifetimeThis has been a moment in our history outpouring of volunteers have committedHeating and Air Conditioning offeredof substantial proportion. As profoundly to providing parking-lot courier servicesfree duct sanitizing for local fire, police,varied as we all are with regard to age, so that patrons dont leave the health andand medical employees working on theability, education, wealth, religion, politics, social issues, and such, our definitive actions during this time have clearly shown, that at the core, we are deeply united as one town. Love and kindness are best measured when put to the test, and we passed with flying colors Specializing in pain management, by expressing our small town values as allergy treatment, auto accident injury actions, not just feelings and wishes. It has 360.862.5115 | info@aa-acupuncture.comalways been this remarkable community amazingalternativeacupuncture.com that makes Snohomish so special. 2701 Bickford Ave-John Suite F360-282-3154Snohomish 982904SPRING 2020SNOHOMISH QUARTERLY'