b'COMMUCNOIMTYM USNPIOTTYLIGHTHow will you pivot to adjust Im a recovering alcoholic with 16 years sober. At one time to the COVID-19 restrictions?I was over 255 lbs. and couldnt even run a quarter of a mile. I smoked, chewed tobacco and my diet consisted of anything that GH: Our first priority is to do whatever we can towas bad for you. It was through running and triathlon in which service all the runners who are registered for events thatI was able to make the necessary changes in my life to become have been cancelled. Thats the most important thing forhealthy. us right now. We have given these runners the option toWe should always be preparing our mind, body and soul for either defer their option to the Re-Run on July 26th orthese times in life which throw us curveballor when we are just a 2021 event, or take part in a virtual run. A virtual run ispowerless over life. Creating a healthy body and mind takes where we ship them the swag from the event, their finishertime. It doesnt occur overnight. I feel as if COVID-19 can be medal and bib number. The virtual run participantsa good wake up call toso many that we never know when bad are then encouraged to share their run on Instagram,stuff is going to happen, and we need to prepare our brain and Facebook and Strava. We even send out random awards tobody fortheunknowns on a daily basis. some of the participants. COVID19 may kill upwards of 200,000 people thisyear. Weve also rolled out the Snohomish Virtual RunningHowever, heart disease and cancer will kill over 1.25 million. I Club. This will give runners a weekly opportunity tothink it is great that we have a ton of people who are utilizing join a virtual running community and be provided withthe COVID-19 spread as a wakeup call to change unhealthy weekly challenges, advice and camaraderie. habits. I feel running and running events specifically can We get asked a lot how people can support us. The bestgive everyone the motivation and opportunity to continue way to support Snohomish Running Company right nowwith those healthy habits for long periods of time. is tosign up for The Snohomish River Run Full, Half, 10K or 5K run on Saturday and Sunday, October 17th and 18th. How can I donate a medalto a First Responder?GH: We are working with our charity partners to find innovative ways to raise money. Our charity partners are vital to our live events and we normally provide large donations. Unfortunately with all of the lost registrations and no volunteer opportunities, our charity partners such as The Boys and Girls Club of Snohomish County and Girls on the Run of Snohomish County lose out on some really needed fundraising opportunities. To help with this we have started the SRC Run For Campaign. This is a really great campaign where each person who donated $10 to a featured charity can have a finisher medal sent to a healthcare worker, first responder or essential worker to show some appreciation. Here is a link to that program: https://snohomishrunning.com/run-for/Why is it so important to take care of our health and wellness right now?GH: Quite candidly I dont feel it is any more important to work on your health and wellness right now as opposed to before COVID-19. I feel its a vitalnecessity at all times. Grant Harrington, Owner,Snohomish Running CompanySNOHOMISH QUARTERLYSPRING 202015'