b'COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHTSnohomish Running CompanyA few times each year, downtown Snohomish, backcountry roads, and the Centennial Trail are swarmed with thousands of athletes ready to achieve the fantastic accomplishment of crossing a finish line. From cycling to running, Snohomish is a destination for many top tier sporting events, provoking professional runners and couch to 5K competitors to don a bib number for a chance to conquer personal demons, find inner strength, and to have a finisher medal placed around their neck. With COVID-19 restrictions, most special events, including fun runs, marathons, and triathlons are cancelled through July. For Grant Harrington, owner of Snohomish Running Company along with his wife, Sarah Maxwell and partner Ron Montague, the largest running event promoters in Snohomish County now need to reimagine what running events will look like in order to stay well, running. 14SPRING 2020SNOHOMISH QUARTERLY'