b'COMMUNITYDeputy Sandt Awarded Deputy of the YearBY CAPTAIN KEITH ROGERSD eputy Sandt has been in law enforcement for 14 years and started his career in the state of Florida. Deputy Sandt came to the Snohomish County Sheriffs in 2017 and has been assigned to the city of Snohomish since 2018.Deputy Sandt is a model example of a deputy that truly embodies the community outreach and trust needed now. He always seeks opportunities to connect with his community and puts forth a high level of commitment to his work.Deputy Sandt could be considered the face of the Snohomish PD with his continued involvement in our social media posts that help us connect with the community. His approach to this issuspect and gotten a written confessionhired deputies and prepares them for more than just posing for a picture. Onfrom that suspect.solo patrol within Snohomish County. 2/9/19 the region experienced a high levelDeputy Sandt also dedicated much ofThese are just a few examples of of snow fall and road conditions were icyhis time to the betterment of this agencythe level of pride, commitment and and dangerous. Having a communityby training deputies. Deputy Sandt is onededication Deputy Sandt provides to safety oriented mindset, Deputy Sandtof this agencies Field Training Officers,this community and what earned him mounted his issued cell phone in his carwhich is an experienced deputy whothe Deputy of the Year award for the and recorded a time lapse video of the iceshares his/her knowledge with newlySnohomish County Sheriffs Office.and snow covered roadways. The video was later posted on social media with a statement about the dangers of driving in these conditions and some safety recommendations. Deputy Sandt can be recognized by many members of this community due to his regular appearances at the events hosted throughout the city. Events like Coffee with a Cop, Senior Center lunches, Trunk or Treat event, school Walk-a-thons and any other that allow for positive community interactions. Deputy Sandt also provides dedicated police services to the community and completes thorough investigations to bring justice to our victims whenever possible. On 7/11/19, Deputy Sandt handled a fraud case where a Snohomish citizen had their credit card used fraudulently. Deputy Sandt worked diligently on this case and with the assistance of local businesses, obtained video surveillance of the suspect. Within two days Deputy Sandt had identified a SNOHOMISH QUARTERLYSPRING 202013'