www.desmoineswa.gov/dash | Recreation 206-870-6527 | Senior Services 206-878-1642 | Meeting & Facility Rental 206-870-9370 REC N’ROLL | SUMMER 2018 | 9 La Ciudad de Des Moines Parques de Recreación y Servicios para Personas Mayores se esfuerza por hacer que todos los programas y actividades sean accesibles a todas las personas independientemente de sus ingresos. Las becas se otorgarán con un descuento porcentual, dependiendo de las circunstancias individuales. Toda la información permanecerá confidencial. Para ser elegible Para una beca, debe residir dentro de los límites de la ciudad de Des Moines, WA y cumplir con el tamaño de la familia / ingresos anuales. Reunión de solicitantes Las pautas de elegibilidad se otorgan hasta $ 150 por trimestre por año calendario. Los calendario. Los residentes elegibles deberán presentar prueba de identificación, residencia,Y los ingresos. Los solicitantes de becas deben ser aprobados antes del registro. Llame al 206-870-6527 para más información. The City of Des Moines Parks Recreation and Senior Services strives to make all programs and activities accessible to all people regardless of income. Scholarships will be granted on a percentage discount, depending on individual circumstances. All information will remain confidential. To be eligible for a scholarship, you must reside within the city limits of Des Moines, WA and meet the family size/yearly income requirements. Applicants meeting eligibility guidelines are awarded up to $150 per quarter per calendar year. Eligible residents will be required to provide proof of identification, residency, and income. Schola income. Scholarship applicants must be approved prior to registration. Call 206-870-6527 for more information. RECREATION SCHOLARSHIPS ADULT & SENIOR FITNESS Enhance Fitness (Silver & Fit Eligible) Improve physical conditioning levels and decrease the risk of falling with stretching, low-impact aerobics, strength training and balance exercises. Gym-type shoes are required and a water bottle always recommended. Co-sponsors are Group Health and Sound Generations. Instructor:Yu San Gartz Tue/Thu/Fri Field House Drop-in fee: $5 Jun 1–29** 8–9am or 9:20–10:20am $52 Jul 3–31 8:20–9:20am $52 Aug 2–31 8:20–9:20am $56 **EffectiveTuesday,June19therewillbejustoneclassat8:20–9:20am Dance for Parkinson’s For adults with movement issues Dance for Parkinson’s is designed for you! Stretch and strengthen your muscles, focus on balance and rhythm through many styles of dance and discover how to use your thought, imagination, eyes, ears and touch to control movement in a welcoming environment accompanied by live music. Caregivers and friends are invited to join in! No dance experience necessary. Classes are based on the Dance for PD® method, a program developed by Mark Morris Dance Group and the Brooklyn Parkinson Group. Presented by Seattle Theatre Group (STG) and Spectrum Dance Company. Funding support from Des Moines Legacy Foundation. Register in advance by calling Shawn Roberts, Seattle Theatre Group, 206-518-5232 or in person at the first class. Mon Activity Center Jun 4–Jul 23 2–3:30pm $5 Suggest Donation Sunday Dances Dancing stimulates your mind, body and soul! Waltz, Jitterbug, Swing… move to the live music of Randy Litch on our beautiful hard wood floor. Stafford Healthcare provides hot beverages. Adults of all ages welcome! Sun Activity Center Jun 24 1–3pm $5 Jul 22 1–3pm $5 SundayWalks! Gary McNeill with Des Moines Legacy Foundation is hosting local walks on a Sunday each month. The location and routes of walks are subject to change, so updated information can be obtained from the Des Moines Legacy Foundation web page or on Meetup.com by searching for Des Moines Waterland Walking Group. Sun @ 11am Jun 17 Meet @ Saltwater State Park restrooms Jul 15 Meet @ NW corner of fishing pier at Marina Aug 19 Meet @ Redondo pier near