b'CITY NEWSBlack Lives Matter March in Normandy ParkBY MARK HOPPEN, CITY MANAGERSince the Emancipation in 1863, Americas progress toward equality has been slow, with setbacks and challenges.Current protests, including a Black Lives Matter march in Normandy Park, are motivated by recent highly visible and inexcusable judgments and actions by a few police officers, as well as similar incidents over-the-years. These incidents are not indicative of policing generally.Such protests also stand for inequitable social Every decentconditions: poverty, economic disparity, person wants toand daily latent or overt live in a societyapprehension that the black community experiences where truth, justicein its relationship to law enforcement.and the AmericanEvery decent person Way are availablewants to live in a society where truth, justice and to all people. the American Way are available to all people. We need to build a society that is fair to everyone, that builds goodwill among all people, and that has real access to the benefits that public safety, education, jobs, health care, food, and housing bring to individual and family well-being.Pragmatically, what can individuals do? How do individuals transform protest energy into lasting social benefit?First of all, dont pillory decent, hard-working men and women in police uniform who risk their lives daily to protect all of us. Good officers deserve support.Read about slavery, about the horrors of the practice. Learn about the Civil Rights Movement. Read famous literature by black authors. Dialogue with people of color who are different than you; listen and take heed. Support minority businesses, particularly small businesses. Make connection with people different than yourself. We all have a lot to offer each other: understanding, empathy, unilateral trust, and service.8 NORMANDY PARK CITY SCENE|SUMMER 2020'