b'CITY NEWSA Ticket to RideBY MARY ANDERSON, FINANCE SPECIALISTEven though your dog cant reachIf your pet is turned in or pickedunfortunate the gas pedal or hang onto theup by the Normandy Park Policeevent your steering wheel, they still need aDepartment and has a tag, thedog ends up license. Some people might thinkpolice will use the informationat the kennel, its not a big deal, but as a dogfrom the license application andyou must come into City Hall and owner and receiver of many callscontact the owner(s). Both of ourpay for the kennel boarding costs from tearful owners looking fordogs also wear I.D. tags withand City licensing fees before you their lost pets, I can assure you itour contact information, makingcan pick them up. is very important.it easier for anyone finding themThe City of Normandy Park When a pet wanders away fromto call us immediately. Theserequires all dogs over six months home, it can be stressful for petsare available at most pet storesof age and kept within the city and their owners. Even if youand Amazon.to be licensed. Normandy Park have an indoor pet, accidentsIf theyre not wearing a licenseMunicipal Code (NPMC) 6.04.020happen. Gatestag, a microchip reader will beA pet license may be purchased or doors getused and if a chip is found, thein person at City Hall during left open,company will be contacted.regular business hours or by mail. backyardWhat happens if theres no tagPlease bring or mail a completed fences getand no microchip is detected?application (normandyparkwa.blown down,Rather than a ride home, your petgov/services/finance-services/pet-and excitedmight find themselves getting alicense/) and proof of spay/neuter, or scared dogs can escape theirride to the kennel. But before thatalong with a check for the proper collars and take off running. Anhappens, the police will post aamount. If applying by mail, a tag up-to-date license tag reunitesphoto of the dog on the Normandywill be sent to your home address. pets with their owners faster.Park Police Facebook page: Make sure your furry friends are Many dogs are microchipped,www.facebook.com/NPChief. licensed. A tag on their collar is but unless the person orIf the dog is not claimed, it willthe best chance of them getting a agency that finds your dog hasbe taken to the kennel. In theTicket to Ride home!a chip reader, a license tag is immediately visible and a quick way of getting your pup home. Microchipping is a great backupPet License Feesto licensing, but be sure to$63Dog/Cat register the pet and keep contactmale or femaleinformation up to date.$21Dog/Cat Pets can wander far from homespayed or neuteredand if found, they cannot tell the$21Lifetime Pet Licensefinder their address or pull out an(residents age 65 and over)ID card. Their tag lets everyone$12Late feeknow theyre not a homeless$4Replacement tagstray! When you fill out theirContact Shelly Bedingfield, license application, your contactAdministrative Assistant,information is entered into the City206-248-7603 forlicensing database. additional information. NORMANDY PARK CITY SCENE|SUMMER 2020 7'