b'COMMUNITY CONNECTIONFostering Animalsthe Right Way.with Love and AttentionBY KATHLEEN OGRADY-GRAHAMI have always loved cats, and gotposted on them every day on into fostering kittens about fivesocial media. I heard from many years ago through Seattle Animalpeople about how much they Shelter. I had to take classes inenjoyed seeing these posts. A fostering for both adult cats andmother cat and babies are usually kittens. There, I learned usefulthe easiest to foster. Mama doesand their sharp little claws, tips, such as when bottle feedingmuch of the work of caring forbut he hides it well. When the you dont lay the kittens on theirthe kittens, feeding and cleaningkittens have settled in after a few back like a baby but keep them onthem, so you just have to provideweeks, they get to access more their stomach and tilt their headher with food and water, and makeof the house at which point they up slightly, as if they were nursingsure she has a clean litter box.encounter my own cats. Having from their mother.Mama Ronni was a stellar momseen lots of foster litters come Most kittens are born duringand her kittens thrived.and go, these old resident cats kitten season in the spring andI am an occupational therapistmight give the new kittens a hiss summer. I had not fostered aand work at Marvista Elementary.or a quick whap (without claws) kitten since last September andWith the physical building beingto show them whos boss, but was looking forward to doing soclosed and not being able tousually they are accepting of the again. Then I noticed on Marchinteract with the students I seekittens. Occasionally, they will 13 that Burien C.A.R.E.S. hadin person, I needed to makeeven take the kittens under their posted on Facebook about athem some helpful handwritingwing and mother them. Before mom and newborn kittens whovideos to be sent out online. I wasthe quarantine, the kittens usually had been dumped in front oftrying to think of ways to makehad lots of visitors, which got them their door in the middle of thethem interesting and realizedused to being handled by people. night. The kittens and momI could employ the services ofAs to the mother and her were very cold when they werethe kittens. Sometimes they willfour little ones we fostered found in the morning. Sadly, onehelp demonstrate how to makefrom Burien C.A.R.E.S., three kitten did not make it. I calledletters, and sometimes they willwonderful families in the area Burien C.A.R.E.S. and offeredassist me in picking out whichwere lined up to adopt the kittens, my services and brought homeletter we will work on. While Iand my own mother, who lives Mama Ronni and four newborns.am presenting, my son, Declan,near us, took mama. I am proud Since I had extra time on myvideos and wrangles the animalsto say they are all loved, thriving hands with the quarantine, Ifor me. I have heard from myand spoiled rotten. Now we are coworkers that these videos haveon to the next litter of kittens and been shared all over the Highlinethe adventure continues.School District.If you are interested in learning My philosophy on raising fostermore about this cat family kittens is to try to get them asand other fostered pets, visitready as possible for adoption.https://www.facebook.com/I expose them to my dog, who Ikathleenogg or on Instagramthink is a bit afraid of the kittens@otdiveirish.NORMANDY PARK CITY SCENE|SUMMER 2020 25'