b'COMMUNITY CONNECTIONAmelias Birthday ParadeBY HOLLY KEETON, COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DIRECTORBack in April, a kind woman reached out to the Community Development Director to tell her the story of her granddaughter, Amelia. The woman spoke of Amelia with so much love and adoration that it would be impossible for anyone to resist getting to do something special for her. City staff was lucky enough toAmelia, Melissa and Kirkget to play a very special role in helping Amelia celebrate her 6th birthday by getting the Police Department and the Fire Department involved in providing a parade with signs and the birthday songs sung over the intercom by fire firefighters. While city staff was wishing Amelia a very happy birthday, many more cars drove by honking and singing. It is clear to see that this very special little girl has brought so much light to this world in her short lifetime. Many of us who work in public service went into the field to make communities better places and it is moments like the one described here that we dream ofproviding joy to a child and smiles to a family. Thank you for letting us share this day with you. It meant as much or more to the city staff as it did to Amelia.A Dogs Best Friend Dogs dont rationalize. They dont hold anything against a person. BY GEORGE BULEY They dont see the outside of a My name is Chester. And my going on. Often a new doghuman but the inside of a human.best friend is Manchung. Heappears and we have whatCesar Millan (dog trainer)and I have been a team for 14some call a wag fest. WeIn my younger years, I would years. We get along so wellcommunicate with all of ourchase the ball with great because we understand eachsenses, and the odors rangeenthusiasm. In fact, I could catch other. I need exercise and hefrom the exotic to the mundane.the ball on the bounce, and then needs a good listener. AlmostIt doesnt matter what thethrow it in the air and catch it every day we go to Nist Parkweather is: sun, rain, wind. I loveagain! Great memories.which is paradise for me. Therethe exhilaration. My hips hurt a lot I get the latest scents of what isbut I forget that for the excursion. Yes, I do have a dogs best friend.24 NORMANDY PARK CITY SCENE|SUMMER 2020'