b'PUBLIC WORKSScoop. Bag. Throw Away.BY JESSIE MEDROW, ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIALISTDogs and rain. staples inSound Starts Here (PSSH), whya storm drain. Once in a storm Normandy Park. When is the lastthe simple act of picking up afterdrain, waste is often left untreated. time you went any notable periodyour pet is considered a bestThere is only one other stop after of time without running into eithermanagement practice (BMP),that: rivers, lakes, and Puget of those things? Personally, Iand why dog waste was listedSound. Untreated fecal matter prefer puppies over precipitation,as one of the greatest threats tofrom dogs and other animals can but either way, the two do not mix.water quality according to thebe a source of harmful bacteria You know what else doesnt mix?Environmental Protection Agency. and excess nutrients. No matter Pet waste and rain. Not a pleasantWhere does it go if you donthow cute our pooches are, they thought, Im aware. When it rains,scoop, bag, and throw away?can still be a host to Giardia water picks up pollutants alongWe know there is no poop fairy.or Salmonella. These disease the way, including harmful bacteriaIf dog doodie duty is neglected,causing organisms can then be in pet waste. then the harmful nutrients found intransmitted to humans. Keeping Lets dive into why scoopingpet waste either infiltrate into thea close eye on your dogs and the poop is so important, whysoil where parasites can linger inensuring theyre in close proximity a regional public awarenessthe soil for up to several years orare recommended. Dont miss the campaign was launched by Pugetworse, waste is washed away intoopportunity to be a great steward and neighbor!There are many reasons to pick up after your pet, but here are the top two:1.Improving water quality by preventing pollutants from making their way into storm drains and local waterways.2.Improving quality of life by being a great neighbor.Bags found at pet waste stations in Normandy Park are courtesy of a Recycling Grant.The solution to poo-llution starts with scooping. NORMANDY PARK CITY SCENE|SUMMER 2020 19'