b'PUBLIC WORKSCelebrating our Public Works DepartmentBY JESSIE MEDROW, ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIALISTMay 1723, 2020, marked National Public Workswork environment, keeping supplies replenished, and Week. The Rhythm of Public Works was thebeing on call for emergency repairs.theme chosen by the American Public WorksLets celebrate our public works staff along with the Association (APWA). This theme was meant totens of thousands of other men and women throughout challenge communities to think of all its members asthe country who provide and maintain infrastructure a symphony of essential services. Public Works playsservices. In honor of these staff members you see in an integral role in Normandy Parks tempo. the picture, our goal is to energize and educate the Even during a public health crisis, this dedicatedcommunity on the importance of their contributions.group of public servants has never missed a beat,Next time you see the crew, thank them for and we thank them for their hard work. infrastructure services in stormwater and In addition to showing up for our citizens, Publictransportation, public buildings, city parks, grounds, Works shows up for other members of city staff.emergency managements, right-of-way management, As the police department works hard to protect ourpreventative maintenance, and quality of life services, safety, behind the scenes, Public Works is workingas well as the countless other services they provide hard to protect them! Creating a clean, hazard freeto keep our city moving all year long.AJ Gonzales is the Mr. Fix-it-type who spends Cody Leonard is our residenthis hours outside ofRuben Lopez and his wife horticulture enthusiast currentlywork making repairsKayla had their first baby boy pursuing a degree in Naturalto his familys home orlate in 2019 and are enjoying Resources Management. working on cars. their time as new parents.Tony Smith and his wifeCorey Tillman has been with the city Brittany also had a babythe longest with 10+ years working in boy in February of 2020. Normandy Park. On weekends he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids.18 NORMANDY PARK CITY SCENE|SUMMER 2020'