b'PARKS & RECREATIONTo Leash In every situation,while off your personal or Not property, pet owners in Normandy Park are to Leash obligated by Municipal Code to maintain control of their dogs at ALL timesthat is the question. Regardless of the different opinions that exist, there is no questioning the fact that in every situation pet owners have an obligation to be in control and responsible for their pets behavior. The word1 Abide by Normandy Park Municipal Code (NPMC). This trained rarely applies in themeans that pet owners or custodians are responsible for past tense when it comes to ourensuring that their pets do not bite, molest, or annoy park furry friends.visitors (NPMC 7.90.300). In permissible areas, pets are Training our pets is an ongoingrequired to be under control at ALL times by means of voice, task. That is one of the manysignal, or leash command (NPMC 7.90.290).responsibilities that comes with being a pet owner.2 Do not allow leashed or unleashed pets to greet a dog,At right is a friendly reminder ofpet, or human without asking permission first. Hes friendly dog etiquette that will increasemeans nothing to a very nervous person or pet. Spontaneous the safety and enjoyment wedog greetings can be stressful and terrifying encounters.all hope to experience while3 Keep your dog on a leash or under voice/signal command enjoying all that Normandy Parkat ALL times. HintIf your dog does not come when he is has to offer. called, that is a sign he is not under voice/signal command.4 If youre dog is under strict voice/signal command, keep an eye on him/her at all times. This will allow you to correct any misbehavior or pick up any waste left behind.5 Pick up after your pets!16 NORMANDY PARK CITY SCENE|SUMMER 2020'