b"Make Sure Your Household MaintenanceDES MOINES DIRECTORYPractices Dont Result in an Illicit Discharge City Hall21630 11th Avenue SI ts important to maintain your home, landscapes and cars.206-878-4595Unfortunately, if done incorrectly, some of these maintenanceBusiness Hourspractices could lead to an illicit discharge. Here are some tipsMondayFridayto help you keep it green while you clean: 8am4:30pmwww.desmoineswa.govTake your car to a commercial car wash or wash it on theCity CouncilMatt Pina, MayorMPina@desmoineswa.govlawn so that the wash water drains to a landscaped area.Vic Pennington,VPennington@desmoineswa.gov(Make sure to avoid parking over drinking wells or septicDeputy Mayorsystems.) Luisa BangsLBangs@desmoineswa.govWhen pressure washing homes, garages or sheds, use theRobert K. BackRBack@desmoineswa.govlowest setting and aim the wash water to a landscaped area.Matt MahoneyMMahoney@desmoineswa.govIf possible, avoid using cleaning products and sweep/rakeTraci BuxtonTBuxton@desmoineswa.govup paint chips to prevent them from entering stormdrains. Jeremy NuttingJNutting@desmoineswa.govCity Of cesSweep sidewalks and driveways instead of using pressure washers (place swept up debris inCity Attorney206-870-6553garbage), or aim the wash water to a landscaped area. City Clerk/When cleaning carpets, fi lter andush dirty water (if on sewer) or fi lter and spread overCommunications Director206-870-6519landscaped area if you are on a septic system (dirty wash water and cleaning agents canCity Manager206-870-6519Planning/Building206-870-7576harm your septic system). If you are having your carpets professionally cleaned, ask theEngineering206-870-6522company about their wash water disposal policy fi rst. Facilities Rentals206-870-9370Dispose of yard waste in a compost bin, yard waste bin or at a collection facility. NeverFinance Director206-870-6532dispose of yard waste in drainage ditches or stormwater ponds, as they interfere with theMarina206-824-5700function of these stormwater facilities. Municipal Court206-878-4597Parks Administration206-870-6527Following these maintenance tips will help ensure that only rain goes down the drain.Police Department206-878-3301For more information or to report an illegal discharge, please contact Tyler BeekleyPublic Works/Park Maintenance 206-870-6559at 206-870-6869 or email at tbeekley@desmoineswa.gov. After hours call hot line Recreation206-870-6527206-550-5612. Senior Services206-878-1642Other NumbersEmergency911Animal Control 206-870-6549Field House 206-870-6527Fire (non-emergency)253-839-6234Library, Des Moines206-824-6066Library, Woodmont253-839-0121Police Dispatch (non-emergency) 206-878-2121Utilities and ServicesCentury Link800-573-1311CleanScapes206-762-4900Comcast877-778-7008Highline Water District206-824-0375Lakehaven Water/Sewer253-941-1516Midway Sewer District206-824-4960Puget Sound Energy800-321-4123SW Suburban Sewer206-244-9575Water District #54206-878-7210BALLPARK BANNER CALL BEFORE YOU DIG: 800-424-5555Utility Locates SPONSOR PROGRAM Des Moines City CurrentsTo promote local business, we place 4x8' banners at Steven JDES MOINES is published byPhilips Publishing GroupUnderwood Memorial Park and/or the Field House Park. TheCITY CURRENTS for the City of Des Moinesprogram runs from April to November, and businesses can have their bannery for either one (1) year or three (3) years. Typically, these parks are booked solid from March throughPUBLISHERPeter Philips206-284-8285peter@philipspublishing.comNovember, so the business would receive tremendous exposure.ADVERTISING SALESFor more information or to participate in the program, pleaseGreg Borland206-979-6928greg@philipspublishing.comEDITOR CITY CURRENTScall 206-870-6547 or email jbest@desmoineswa.gov. Taria Keane 206-870-6552tkeane@desmoineswa.govEDITOR REC N ROLLJanet Best206-870-6547jbest@desmoineswa.gov6 | DES MOINES CITY CURRENTS | FALL 2019"