b"Chair of the Council's Public Safety/Emer- elected to the Association of Washing-gency Management Committee, Vice Chairton Cities (AWC) Board of Directors.He From theof the Council's Economic Developmentbecame the first Des Moines Councilmem-Committee and serves on the Council'sAd- ber to win election to the Board.Mayor Hoc Franchise Agreement Committee.Rob earned this position by completing Vics passion is emergency manage- his certificate of municipal leadership by ment and assuring adequate resourcestaking numerous classes, workshops and are designated for public safety and firstseminars offered by AWC.He earned this responders, as he has been involved foraward within his first 2 years as an elected FALL IS A PERFECTover 30 years in life safety operations forofficial, the first time this has happened in TIME TO REFLECT ANDthe South King Fire & Rescue. Washington State.Continuing his quest for EMBRACE CHANGE.WeCouncilmember knowledge he went on to earn an advanced leave the summer heatJ certificate in his third year. behind and the bloom- May, 2013 to current Rob serves as the Council Alternate By Mayor Matt Pina ing flowers are replacedon the SCORE (South Correctional Entity), by falling leaves.I hopeCeoruenmciylm Neumttbinerg JeremySR509 Executive Committee and the South you had the opportunityNutting serves as the ChairCounty Transportation Area Board.He to enjoy all the many Des Moines summeron the Council's Municipalis also the Vice Chair of the Councils Trans-events.Be sure to check out this editionFacilities and Economic Development Com- portation and Environment Committees.of the City Currents to see what is in storemittees.He also serves as the Council Liai- Congratulations Rob on this awesome for fall! son to the Des Moines Human and Seniorachievement to represent our City.The City continues to remain solventServices Advisory Committees. Councilmemberand strong.In this article I would like toJeremy is a great champion for our fam-take this opportunity to make sure you getilies, children and schools.He is a great to know the team that is responsible forresource for issues related to economic this and highlight their diverse skill setsdevelopment and was a strong advocate forToruancic Bilmuxetmobne r Traci Buxton Cand activities on your behalf.the efforts that lead to replacement of theJsi a nthuea Croy,u 2n0c1il 8L itaoi scounr rtoe nthte Something you may not know is thatRedondo Boardwalk.In his role as chairSound Cities Association in addition to attending Council meetings,of the Municipal Facilities Committee hePublic Issues Committee (PIC) and serves most Councilmembers work full time jobsis a champion for enhancing our City, parkas the Council Alternate to the Des Moines during the day.They also spend a greatspace and infrastructure. Farmers Market and the Des Moines deal of time attending community meet- Councilmember Human and Senior Services Advisory Com-ings, City Council committee meetings,Luisa BangsJune, 2015 mittees.other meetings related to the City andTraci is the Chair of the Council's attending all the great events happeningEnvironment Committee and is a member around town. Councilmember Luisa Bangsof the Municipal Facilities and Transporta-I am pleased to introduce you to yourtoe vcoutrerse mntany hours of hertion Committees.dDes Moines City Council/Team: time representing the CityOn Saturday mornings you can find M on various regional committees and find- Traci volunteering her time at the Des ing ways to enhance quality of life for ourMoines Creek Park Run.The Mayor presides at the meetings of theresidents and families.CouncilmemberCoauynocri l a Jnadn iusa rreyc,o 2g0n1iz0e tdo a csu trhree hnetad ofShe serves as the Council Liaison forary, the City for all ceremonial purposes.Thethe Des Moines Arts Commission, the Police Mayor serves on a number of regional com- Department Advisory Board, Sound Cities mittees representing the interest of theAssociation Regional Law Safety & JusticeMoautnt cMilamheomnbeeyrM Jaatntu CCity in diverse venues.Working with theCommittee and the South King Housing and20a1h8o ntoey c iusr trheen Ct ouncil MCity Manager, it is the Mayors responsibil- Homelessness Partners.Luisa serves asLiaison on the Des Moines ity to set Council agendas. Vice-Chair of the Council's Municipal Facili- Farmers Market Committee, The Mayor is elected by a majority ofties and Public Safety/Emergency Manage- the SR509 Executive Committee, South Councilmembers and serve 2 year terms. ment Committees and sits on the Ad-HocCounty Transportation Board and orga-I am currently serving my second term.IFranchise Agreement Committee.nized this years Waterland Parade.serve as the Council's Liaison on the High- She is committed to the enhancementHe also serves as the Council Alternate line Forum and also serve on the Council'sof our parks and in supporting the Citysto the Police Department Advisory Board Economic Development, Environment andlaw enforcement efforts through the Policeand Sound Cities Association Public Issues Ad-Hoc Franchise Agreement Committees. Department.Councilmember Committee (PIC).Matt serves as Chair of Deputy Mayor the Council's Transportation Committee V and is a member of the Public Safety/Emer-gency Management Committee.Diecp Puetyn Mnianygotro Vni c Rooubnecritl mBaemckb e rJ aRnoubaerrty ,Thank you, C Matt Pina Jaennunainrgyt, o2n0 1se4r tvoe sc uinr trheen trole20ac1k6 h taos c buererne na tdedicatedMayor and Councilmember P Bof Deputy Mayor serving inCouncilmember committedCity of Des Moines, Washingtonthe role of Mayor when I am absent.Vic isto achieving excellence. Rob was recently DES MOINES CITY CURRENTS | FALL 2019 | 5"