b'12 Days of Goodness Monday, December 2310 amDes Moines cvity enter Together with some of pro footballs most legendary players,representaves from nswers for lders andegends will bevising the Des Moines cvity enter.Join us for The 12 Days of Goodness, to bring joy and touch the hearts ofseniors! Our mission is to inspire each and every fan to give at least oneact of kindness to a senior during these 12 days. www.desmoineswa.gov/seniors MEMORIALInspect yourBENCHSeptic System!DONATION PROGRAMNew sitesProtect It and Inspect Itare availableHave your system inspected every 3 years by a licensed septic professional. in the MarinaSome local health agencies can train and Southyou to do your own inspection.Marina Park. Have your septic tanks pumped when necessary - generally every 3 to 5 years.Keep your drinking water safe,The City installs and maintains many park benchesprotect the environment, andsave money by maintaining throughout the city. The Bench Donation Programyour septic system.allows citizens and businesses to dedicate a bench to a family member or friend for a 10-year timeframe. If you are interested in purchasing a bench to honor someone you know, please call 206-870-6547 for more information or email jbest@desmoineswa.gov Celebrate SepticSmart WeekLearn more about your septic during the third week ofsystem:September. -www.doh.wa.gov/septic-www.epa.gov/septicsmartDES MOINES CITY CURRENTS | FALL 2019 | 13'