City Of Mill Creek | 9 City News he Parks and Recreation Board, an advisory board to the City Council, is responsi- ble for development, design, and operation of park and recreation facilities, as well as for capital im- provement planning. “The board prevents things from slipping through the cracks and being neglected in regards to our local parks,” said Peter Lalic, board member. Each year, the Parks and Recreation Board tours Mill Creek’s parks to de- termine if repairs or improvements are needed, give feedback on park mainte- nance and upkeep, and identify ideas for improvement and new equipment. In 2017, the board identified a handful of items that needed address- ing, including a missing nature sign, exposed rebar north of the tennis court at Cougar Park, cleaning park shelter roofs and gutters, replacing a vandal- ized drain spout and painting play- ground equipment. The rebar at Cougar Park was removed immediately after being iden- tified as a safety concern. Staff painted lines on the basketball court at Pine Meadow Park and replaced the broken gutter drain pipes at Cougar Park to improve the sightline aesthetics to the parks. The board, pleased with the outcome, sent a letter of appreciation to staff. The Parks and Recreation Board re- cently completed its 2018 tour and will submit recommendations to Council this fall, including capital improve- ments suggestions. Lalic, who has lived in Mill Creek for 25 years, previously served on the Planning Commission for more than 10 years. He cites his involvement as contributing to the City’s success in making it a great place to raise a family. “I feel strongly that if you want a nice community or City, you must work at it,” said Lalic. “Good things don’t just happen without hard work and volunteering.” The Parks and Recreation Board is seeking another board member. Those interested in serving the community in this role should fill out an appli- cation online: boardapplication. Maintaining and Revitalizing Mill Creek’s Recreational Amenities T