8Mill Creek City Connection | Winter 2018 Around the City Preserving Mill Creek’s History ork is now underway on a project to preserve Mill Creek’s history. Earlier this year, the Art and Beautification Board began discussing art projects to enhance the City’s culture. One idea rose to the top and has gained traction this year due to a grant from the Snohomish County Historic Preservation Commission Community Heritage Program. It is to create a timeline of the City as a work of art. “Our vision is to create a per- manent timeline that hangs in the frame of the bridge in Mill Creek Town Center, just north of 153rd Street,” said Benjamin Briles, Art and Beautification Board member. “It will include a mix of text and images, and is being designed in such a way that we can add to it in the coming years.” The concept is to create a set of vertical panels identifying the City’s history, including its found- ing, environmental and community history and more. Most people don’t know about Mill Creek’s roots. The land that would eventually become Mill Creek was originally owned by William Henry Gates (grandfather of Microsoft founder Bill Gates) and was purchased directly from the federal government in 1890, before Washington became a state. The land was eventually sold off to other homesteaders, like Frederich Shaw who purchased 150 acres for $5.61 in gold and named it Lake Dell Farm. In 1931, Dr. Manch Neville Garhart, a Seattle physician, purchased that 150 acres, and ulti- mately owned 800 acres. There is much more to Mill Creek’s rich history that will be uncovered by this project. Resi- dents are encouraged to submit memorable moments in Mill Creek’s history for possible inclusion at cityofmillcreek.com/ timelineideas. Ideas will be accepted through the end of November. Design concepts will be presented for pub- lic input in December. Subject to available funding, the City plans to complete the project production and installation in the next biennium. W