City News Utility Boxes as Works of Art 2016 survey conducted by Marketing Solutions revealed the obvious: Mill Creek residents love their community. They take pride in its beauty, both natural and artistic. One group of residents is working hard to preserve Mill Creek’s beauty and charm through their work on the Art & Beautifica- tion Board, an advisory board to the City Council. This group is charged with spearheading projects to enhance the aesthetics and beauty within the City. In 2016, the Art & Beautification Board identified a project for the City that would incorporate art into the City’s visual land- scape: wrapping utility boxes with artwork. The project idea came from other municipalities that had created wraps for their utility boxes, turning something gray and unappealing into a work of art that is visually appealing. “Our committee has come up with a very unique theme for our boxes,” said Matt Buchanan, chair of the A&B Board. “Rather than pastoral scenes of lakes or mountains, our signal art will depict the life of Mill Creek and our active citizenry.” The board will soon finalize artwork by local artist Amanda Pearman for the first set of utility boxes, which are located adja- cent to the intersection of Main Street and Mill Creek Boulevard. The design incorporates artistic renditions of local scenes, such as Mill Creek Town Center, local shops and parks. “We have much to appreciate about our fair City, and the art depicted on the signal boxes will highlight that distinct quality of life,” said Buchanan. The project is funded by the Municipal Arts fund. A