City Of Mill Creek | 5 ANY MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT MUST balance current conditions against long- term plans. Such is true in Mill Creek. This fall, we’re developing the 2019–2020 Biennial Budget. The budget represents the City’s two-year plan for allocating resources to programs and services that protect residents’ physical security and enhance quality of life. The budget document reflects the City’s commitment to sound budget and fiscal policies and processes. This plan ensures that the City is in a position to maintain its current level of service delivery for the community throughout the ensuing biennium. In creating the budget, staff and the City Council make choices for resource allocations to meet current operational needs and address future fiscal capacity. City staff also has developed two long- term plans: the Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) and the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). Both were adopted by Council last month and are viewable online: The TIP identifies transportation projects that the City may not have funding for, but would like to execute sometime in the future. The six-year TIP must also be consistent with the City’s adopted comprehensive plan. The CIP outlines program improvements to the City’s transportation, storm water, facil- ities and park infrastructure. CIP projects are not aspirational; they must be tied to funding and need to have certainty. Development of such a plan entails research and analysis, financial forecasting and evaluation against City strategic goals. Some other projects that need attention have been identified, but will not move forward without funding identified. The CIP provides a look at some of the long- term issues facing our community. This issue provides an in-depth look at some of the budget considerations we will have in the next two months. Feedback is always welcome: citymanager@ Best regards, Bob 83481 LC QP Lynnwood_Mill Creek City Veterans Ad.indd 1 10/15/18 10:30 AM City Manager BOB STOWE Interim Mill Creek City Manager 425-921-5725