www.CityOfMillCreek.com 11 Opportunities for Feedback and Input Input and feedback on City matters help staff to under- stand what is happening in the community and gauge public opinion on key matters. Community members may provide feedback at cityofmillcreek.com/ requesttracker. This could include raising a code com- pliance issue, identifying potholes or road hazards, or providing feedback on topics coming to the City Council for discussion. This year, as the City develops its capital improve- ment plan, residents have an opportunity to present items for consideration or discuss other items suggested. Capital improvements are major projects requiring the expenditure of public funds over and above routine op- erating expenses. A capital project is defined as new, replacement of, or improve- ments to infrastructure (e.g., buildings, roads, parks) that has a minimum life expectancy of five years and a minimum cost of $10,000. Many of these projects have long-term implications: they will have impacts on the operating budget or they are interconnected with other projects planned in the City. Once a draft capital im- provement plan has been developed, public input will be actively sought. The feedback will guide City staff as the biennium and long-term budgets are de- veloped. Details on the CIP will be available at cityofmillcreek.com/cip. Volunteer Corban Epp has used his talents to honor veterans at Memorial Day and Veterans Day events. The Youth Advisory Board clears blackberry bushes at Heron Park. Guild Mortgage clean city signs. A volunteer helps with Eggstravaganza COURTESY OF GUILD MORTGAGE COMPANY