b'POLICEStaff gathers items fortheir emergency kits.Emergency PreparednessI n early 2019, the staff at Edgewoodto keep our doors open virtually andtion or contact Edgewood PD atcity hall started doing some seriouskeep Edgewood residents our first pri- edgewoodpd@cityofedgewood.org. And emergency preparedness planning.ority. In addition to continuing to workif there are other topics you wantIt began when we were discuss- on permitting, addressing nuisance andus to address, please let us know. Weing the buildings fire alarm systemcode enforcement issues, and handlingare here for you, Edgewood!and trying to remember when wedinspections in new and creative ways, last had a fire drill. As we sat aroundthe City of Edgewood was also able to the conference table looking at eachmake a $15,000 donation to the Edge-other blankly, we realized we couldntwood Community Nourish Food Bank remember when wed had a realat the Mountainview Community live fire drill. What started asCenter. And when the restric-a simple question, led us totions ease and we are able to full emergency operationre-open city hall to foot traffic, planning for city hall with thewe are prepared to keep our goal of city employees beingvisitors safe with a sanitation ready and able to provide essentialstation, private appointments, and a services to our residents during city,rearranged lobby to allow for appropri-state, and nation-wide emergencies. ate distancing measures. Beginning with updated fire drills,Whats next for the City ofcomplete with a shiny new whistle forEdgewoods emergency preparedness the mayor, we developed a plan forplanning? You!providing employees cots and suppliesWe would love to see all those who in case they need to remain at city hall tocall Edgewood home be prepared keep operations running.Part of this wasfor lifes unexpected events. As the creating 3 Day Kits with items like gloves,Governors restrictions allow, the city masks, hand sanitizer, and personaland the Edgewood Police Department hygiene supplies.We participated inwill be offering ways for you to learn Department of Emergency Managementmore about emergency preparedness and FEMA trainings. Our new IT Directorand take steps to be ready for whatever put plans in place for emergency com- comes our way. We will be hosting free munication and remote functions. community classes on Simple Emer-The first test of our new focus ongency Preparedness for Real People, preparedness? The Novel Coronavirus,what to do in Active Shooter scenar-COVID-19. ios, How to Avoid Being the Target of With a trained and prepared staff, aScams, and Basic Defensive Firearms solid technology foundation, and a flexi- Safety. Please keep checking the City of ble response system, we have been ableEdgewood website for class informa-www.cityofedgewood.org| 9'