b'WORTH MENTIONINGvsCOVID-19 I f you travel down Meridian throughloading or unloading their vehiclesStay Healthy order, they had already Edgewood, chances are youveas they prepare for, or unwind from, asecured their work sites in prepara-seen the sign for Martinson Paint- long days work.tion for the shutdown. ing on the corner of 32nd St E.When COVID-19 first came on theLuckily, we have a great relation-Depending on the time of day, youscene earlier this year, not many pre- ship with Timberland Bank here in may catch a glimpse of the work crewsdicted wed be where we are today.town and were able to apply for and Shut downs, layoffs, furloughs, youreceive a PPP Loan. We submitted our name it!Businesses large and smallapplication on Thursday and received Family have faced some challenging andour approval Friday afternoon. disheartening times.The loan allowed Martinson to Martinson Painting was no excep- bring employees back remotely to dentistry tion. Jeremy Martinson started thehelp roll out new safety measures, to company in 1997 with a couple ofpurchase personal protective equip-at its finest! friends and it quickly took off. Theyment and cleaning supplies, and to moved the business in 2013 fromramp up their mobile capabilities in Puyallup to Edgewood where hisorder to stay in contact with employ-wife, Emily (whose family owned theees working from home.Edgewood Flower Farm), was origi- All in all, Martinson Painting has nally from. Jeremy, now the sole owner,used this pandemic to its advantage runs the business with the help of his- to stop, reassess, and make the wife and sisters, employing a staff ofnecessary changes to continue to 2511 Meridian Ave E, Edgewood approximately 30 individuals, a handfulrun a successful business for years to 253.845.8817 of which have been with the companycome. That being said, it hasnt come since the very beginning.without its hiccups; child care and After running a successful busi- employees personal opinions about New Patients ness for 23 years Martinson admits,COVID-19 are just two routine topics. Welcome! its easy to get in the routine of theMartinson, however, is able to stay day-to-day grind.So when the firstpositive offering flexible schedules cases of COVID-19 hit Washington,to accommodate child care conflicts, Martinson saw it as a great time toas well as focusing everyone on the evaluate, plan, and revamp the busi- same vision of what the future suc-ness. In early March, he instructed hiscesses of Martinson Painting look like workers to wrap up projects alreadyafter this is all over. We are grateful underway and put all upcoming workwe are all healthy and able to be on hold. He and his staff workedback at work in some capacity said together to prepare for what theyMartinson, and looking forward to knew was coming, so when Gov- the day we can all hang out and sup-ernor Inslee issued his Stay Homeport our local businesses again.8 | EDGEWOOD MAGAZINE Summer 2020'