b'CITY COUNCILCouncil CornerBy Councilmember John WestT he COVID19Also in March, the Governor and the$15,000 to the "Nourish Pierce Pandemic,Legislature formally issued and extendedCounty" Food Bank in Edgewood.the likes ofOpen Public Meeting Proclamation3. Rescind the car tab feeAlso on which has20-28 (OPMA/PRA proclamation)April 28th, city council unanimously not been seenwhich waived and suspended in personapproved resolution No. 20-0500, in our worldrequirements in the Open Publicrescinding and removing of the since the 1918Meetings Act. However, because our cityimposition and collection of Spanish Flu, hastook steps in fall of 2019 to invest in ourTransportation Benefit Charges (TBC). required swiftIT staff and infrastructure, we were ableThese are the fees collected when and thoughtfulto react very quickly to this proclamationour citizens register and renew their action at cityby implementing online meetingvehicle license tabs, which equates and communitycapability using ZOOM technology.to roughly $20 per vehicle. Once levels. While our States economy is justThis enabled us continuity in our day tothe Department of Licensing makes entering a 4-phased reopening plan,day management of the city and public our city was faced with making someprocess by providing dramatic changes quickly to ensurea means for remote continuity of critical operations andpublic participation to levels of service to our community. Herecity council meetings, is a brief summary of the citys actionsPlanning Commission in response to the Pandemic, and mymeetings, and Economic perspective on the experience.Development Advisory PROTECTING THE PUBLIC AND Board meetings. CITY STAFF WHILE MAINTAININGSIGNIFICANT STEPS TO CONTINUITY OF SERVICE: PROVIDE RELIEF:Following the Governors emergencyIn the weeks since declaration, our Mayor issued aour emergency declaration and subsequent Pandemicdeclaration, the city Response Plan in March which laidcouncil has taken out steps to protect the public andsignificant actions staff including closure of city hall,to provide relief tothe programming social distancing measures, and use ofour citizens andchange, Edgewood personal protective equipment (PPE).non-profits in ourresidents will no City council approved an emergencyjurisdiction. Theselonger be charged work from home plan for our staff whileare just a few of thethe $20 fee.still managing level of service (LOS)things weve been able commitments to citizens and essentialto do to help: 4. Provide work within the city by equipping1. Share surplusassistanceOur workers with PPE to reduce chance ofPPEIn April,Emergency Services exposure to the public and city staff. the MayorCoordinator shared surplusSandi Phillips has equipment to thesupported some of Memory Care Cottages in Edgewood.our assisted living service providers Specifically, 30 N95 masks werein navigating the Federal Programs donated as a stopgap measure to keepproviding PPE to private facilities.their health care workers protected5. Citizens stepping upIn April, until more could be sourced. Oura citizen sent a letter with a check Edgewood Chief of Police was alsodonating money to the city for able to get a shipment of 200 N95assistance during the crisis. The Mayor masks and 150 gowns from the Piercereached out to this generous citizen County EOC (Emergency Operationsand helped coordinate donation Center) sent to The Cottages.directly to the Nourish Food Bank.2. Donate much needed fundingOnMY PERSPECTIVE:April 28th, city council unanimouslyCrisis brings with it opportunities to see life approved a one-time donation ofin a new way, otherwise taken for granted, 6 | EDGEWOOD MAGAZINE Summer 2020'