b'MAYORS LETTERN ormally in this issue of the Edgewoodenough, there may be an alternative eventevents. Please continue to stay safe andMagazine, I would be reminding youwe will sponsor, so keep yourself up to daterespect others with your consideration.about a number of things we couldwith our website, Twitter, or Facebook.do locally this time of year. This year,Thank you for your patience during this as you are aware, things are very different.time. Hopefully we will all learn some better As I write this, we are in the midst of a veryhabits through this event that will help protect challenging time for our city, state, andourselves and our community during futureMayor Daryl Eidingercountry as COVID-19 has changed almost everything about our daily lives. Governor Inslee has just released his 4 phase plan for recovery and the re-opening of our state. But as you know, our children have beenVILLAGE CONCEPTSStaying Home and Staying Healthy forOFMILTONmonths now, and many of you are out ofMILL RIDGE VILLAGEwork, and all of us have been subject to severe changes in how we live.I wanted to take just a minute to let you know what we have been doing as a city. First of all, although city hall is currently closed to the public, our team has been able to keep functioning remotely. We have developed electronic submittals for all building permits, so projects that you might want to do at your home can still be done. We also have virtual inspections so our inspectors can look at your project without having to endanger you or themselves during this time. By the time this magazine arrives at your homes, with the possibleAffordable monthly rentsAround-the-clock trained staffexception of Edgemont park, we will have re-opened our parks with posted socialPlanned programs, social & recreational activitiesdistancing reminders in place. WithAssisted Living Services AvailableEdgemont park being our most activeThree delicious meals served fresh dailyfacility, we intend to delay its opening until Phase 3 of the Governors plan. (253) 925-9200607 28th Ave, Milton, WA 98354The Council made the decision to cancelThree-generation family-owned & locally operated.this years Edgewood Picnic, scheduledVisit all 17 locations on our website: www.villageconcepts.comfor July 18th. If restrictions are lifted soon www.cityofedgewood.org| 5'