b'2020 Census FAQWhat is the census?The census is a count of every person who lives in the United States and its territories. It happens every 10 years. In early 2020, you will be asked to count everyone who lives in your home as of April 1. Responding to the 2020 Census is a chance to shape your future.Whats in it for me?Your responsesCensus data givesResponding alsoYour responses inform wherecommunity leadersfulfills your civicare used to redraw over $675 billionvital informationduty because itslegislative districts is distributedto make decisionsmandated by theand determine the each year toabout buildingU.S. Constitution.number of seats communitiescommunityThe United Statesyour state has in nationwide forcenters, openinghas counted itsthe U.S. House of clinics, schools,businesses, andpopulation everyRepresentatives.roads, and more. planning for 10 years since 1790.the future.Is my information safe? What will I be asked?Your responses to the 2020 Census are safe,You will be asked a few simple secure, and protected by federal law. Your answersquestions, like age, sex, and the can only be used to produce statistics. Theynumber of people who live in cannot be used against you by any governmentyour home, including children.agency or court in any waynot by the FBI, not by the CIA, not by the DHS, and not by ICE. What wont be asked?When can I respond to the census?The census will never ask for Social Security numbers, bank or In early 2020, every household in America willcredit card numbers, money or receive a notice to complete the census online,donations, or anything related to by phone, or by mail. In May, the U.S. Censuspolitical parties.Bureau will begin following up in person with households that have yet to respond.For more information, visit:2020CENSUS.GOVD-FA-GP-EN-034'