b'PLANNING AND LAND USEDevelopment DispatchTown Hall TBAO n October 8, 2019, city council approved a contract with Berk Consulting, Inc. (Berk) to conduct a planning and economic development study focused on parts of the TC and MUR zoning districts. The following details are pertinent to the Berk study. On April 17, 2020, Berk presented a draft of their report during city councils study session.On May 4, the Final Report was provided to the city.The Final Report is available on the citys website by viewing the Planning & Land Use webpage. Similar to the Development Town Hall held at city hall in June 2019, another development related Town Hall meet- recommendations or even IF the city plans to implement the ing is planned for the near future and will be conductedrecommendations. The upcoming Town Hall is planned for as soon as possible. The upcoming Town Hall could be inthese very reasons. Please dont feel that the report was pub-person, virtual, or a combinationdepending on the levellished with no plans to engage Edgewood citizens. While more we achieve under the Governors Stay Home-Stay Healthyinformation will be pushed out via social media (please follow orders. This second development related Town Hall willthe City of Edgewood on your favorite platform), published on focus on the findings, conclusions, and recommendationsthe citys website, shared on the reader board, and announced from Berks Final Report. any other way we spread news, this quick announcement was It is very understandable that someone reading the reportintended to let you know that the Final Report is available and may have questions or seek additional information. Maybe justcity council plans to host ways to discuss its contents. Be on the the opportunity to discuss how the city plans to implement thelookout for future updates!Edgewood Veterinary Clinic knows that your pet is a valued member of your family. Our diverse experience and knowledge allows us to offer innovative solutionsCall today and schedule through the use of modern techniques andan appointment!tools. We strongly believe in client education253-927-4546Now Enrolling and communication because it preparesedgewoodvet.comowners to be more involved in the decision For the 2020-21 School Year making process surrounding the care ofEdgewood Veterinary Clinictheir animals. 1311 Meridian East, Edgewood WA 98371www.cityofedgewood.org| 13'