b'New community parkT he City of Edgewood has madeincluding amenities that were proven toRCO grants in late 2018, which allowed significant strides toward makingbe important to the community. The citythe Council to authorize a contract with the new Community Park a realitycouncil accepted the Master Plan for thisthe Berger Partnership to complete at 36th Street East and MeridianCommunity Park in 2007. the Phase One Design and guide the Avenue East.A ballot measure was brought forwardproject through construction. It was actually started back in 2005,in August 2008 to fund construction ofSo where do we stand right now?The when the city purchased an 18-acrethe park, but it did not pass. It would becity remains focused on making the new parcel of land on the northeast cornerseveral years later before council mem- Community Park a reality.If things stay of Meridian and 36th from the Puyallupbers had the opportunity to authorizeon track, barring any challenges, the School District. Citizens participated infurther design work for a "30% design"construction contract for the park should the pre-development phase by workingplan for Phase One that was developedgo out to bid before summer 2020!with a consultant and members of an Adto support applications for two Washing-Hoc Committee through multiple publicton State Recreation and ConservationSpecial thanks to Parks and Recreation meetings and workshops. A conceptualOffice (RCO) grants in 2016. Advisory Board Member Bill Hilton for design was generated by this process,This project was awarded the twothis article.COMMUNITY AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENTThe Value of Code EnforcementT he Edgewood Code Enforce- or prohibited vehicles on properties; ment Division would like to take aovergrown weeds/vegetation (more moment to let you know what wethan 6 on developed property and 12 do for the community and howon undeveloped properties); visible everyone benefits from being proactivetrash and debris; and something as with issues as they arise. simple as regular maintenance and Imposing health and safety codes aresafety concerns of a home or business.primary ways that code enforcement canCode enforcement is a profession, make an impact.We are charged withwhich requires continual training and enforcing adopted ordinances that takeeducation to remain current with the into consideration the protection andchanging codes. Edgewood Code well-being of the public, while respectingofficers receive training through state the rights of property owners. The City ofand national organizations, including Edgewood has adopted the Internationalthe Washington Association of Code Property Maintenance Code. Enforcement, American Association of Code Enforcement Officers answerCode Enforcement, and the Interna-questions and investigate complaintstional Code Council to ensure that they from citizens on a wide variety ofremain current with any certifications.issues. Depending on the nature ofThrough communication and educa-the complaint and the results of thetion of the basic quality of life issues, staff investigation, the officer will visit thecan provide prompt, courteous, and pro-property of concern and work with thefessional services to encourage respon-property or business owner to correctsible property maintenance through any violations found. voluntary compliance. This will guarantee Common code enforcement offensesEdgewood is a community everyone can include the following; junk, inoperable,be proud to call home.12 | EDGEWOOD MAGAZINE Summer 2020'