b'COMMUNITY AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENTHow to Safe Start EdgewoodO n May 1st, Governor Inslee Stay home if sick; Finally, we respectfully ask that you outlined the phased Safe Start Avoid others who are sick; maintain these practices whenever approach he and public health Wash hands frequently with soapinteracting with your public servants, officials are taking for resumingand water (use hand sanitizer ifincluding all first responders, utility recreational, social, and business activi- soap and water are not available); providers, and other city and county ties. Phase 1 of this approach began Cover coughs and sneezes; staff. There is no better way to show on May 5th with the re-opening of out-Avoid touching eyes, nose andyour support in this unprecedented door activities such as fishing, hunting,mouth with unwashed hands; and time than to practice safe and socially-Disinfect surfaces and objectsdistant interaction. Thank you for your regularly. help and cooperation as we fight COVID-19 together.Do YouWantDoYou WantClean Clean WaterWater ? ?Making simple choicesMaking simple choices cancan prevent water prevent water pollutionhere in Edgewood.pollution here in Edgewood.EEvvevreyrdydayayactivitiesactivitiescancan lead to water pollution. lead to w ater pollution. When When wwater ater from from irrigation irrigation and and rain rain wwashes ashes ovoevreyraryardsdsandandstrseetstreets,it,itcollectscollectsfertilizersfertilizers, ,pespesticidesticides, soap, soap, oil, pet w, oil, pet wasastete, and other , and other pollutants pollutants.The.Therunoffrunofffloflowswsintointostormstormdrdrains untr eated and ends up polluting the ains untreated and ends up polluting the nearesest st stream, laktream, lake, or we, or wetland.etland.nearplaying golf, and some park access. In line with this phased approach, the City of Edgewood has officiallyWater used inside , Water used insidekitchenskitchens, bathr, bathroomsooms, re-opened the city hall grounds andlaundry ar drains to the sanitary laundry areaseasdrains to the sanitary sewsewer wherer where it is tre it is treated beforeated before being e being most of its parks to public access,released releasedintointoPugetPugetSound.Sound.posting signs reminding visitors toFor clean water For clean water Edgewood, in in Edgewood , practice appropriate social distanc- make these make these ing. City hall, Edgemont Park, andsimple choices:simple choices:the Interurban Trail public restroomWater outside drWater outside drains to the ains to the aTkaekyeouryourcarcar nearnearest sestorm drt storm drain ain untruntreatedeated will remain closed to the public until T to a commercialcial andandthenthenflowsflowstoatostraeam,stream, to a commer lakelak, or we, or wetland.etland.the Governor moves into Phase 3 ofcar wcar wash.ash.the Safe Start plan, which will be no Haveavcarecaroiloilleaksleaksfixfixeded H Havecaroilleaksfixedsooner than June 16th (as of the dateand r cle used motor oil.and recyecycle used motor oil. Scoop Scoopthethepooppoop,bag,bagit,it,this article was written). and put it in the garbage .and put it in the garbage.As we move forward with re-open-PrPracticeNaturNaturalalYaYrdarrCardCare,e, acticeing and returning to normal activity,andandavoidavoidusingusingpespesticidesticidesand out of an abundance of cautionand chemical fertilizers .and chemical fertilizers.and consideration for the health ofRRememberemember, it, its s illegalillegal your neighbors, please continue per- to pollute wto pollute waterwaterwaysaysin W ashington Statetate. .forming the following best practicesin Washington Shank you for k for keeping eeping until the pandemic has subsided: TThank youour sharour shared wed watersaters Engage in physical distancing,health y for people, fish, , fish, healthy for peoplestaying at least six feet away fromand wildlife .and wildlife.other people (i.e., those who do not live in your household);www.cityofedgewood.org| 11'