b'PUBLIC WORKSH ere are the projects we have 13th St Ct Eplanned for this season: (Meridian to 106th Ave Ct E)Weed Control Spray Program:29th St EEvery year we spray an herbicide(Meridian to 106th Ave E)along the roadside between late April 39th St Ct Eand early June for weed control pur- (110th Ave E to west end)poses. This years work was completed 42nd St Ein April. (102nd Ave E to west end)As a reminder, for those who do not 42nd St Ct Ewant this herbicide applied at theirStormwater Ditch Maintenance: Pierce(110th Ave E to east end ofproperty, we have the Owner Main- County Public Works crews will also bepublic road)tain program. Signs are provided byperforming ditch maintenance through-44th St Ethe city at no charge, for installationout the city this summer. While we wont(108th Ave E to 110th Ave E)by you along the road in front of yourget to every ditch in the city, we plan to 45th St Eproperty. There are two sign colors:reach known problem areas before this(102nd Ave E to east end)both red and green would preventwinter.45th St Eapplication of herbicide by the city,Storm Drain Inspections: The annual(110th Ave E to east end ofbut the green stripe would allow forcity-wide inspection program will bepublic road)mechanical trimming by a flail mower /performed by Pierce County Public 46th St Ebrush cutter. Be advised, however, thatWorks crews between May and August,(110th Ave E to 114th Ave E)participation is voluntary, and the citywith maintenance and cleaning of catch 47th St Ct Eremains obligated to maintain danger- basins and culverts as needed following(114th Ave E to west end)ous and/or encroaching vegetation asinspection.102nd Ave Eappropriate. Tree Limbing: To protect the travel- (Meridian to 45th St E)If you are interested in sign-inging public from hazardous conditions, 110th Ave Eup, please contact the Front Desk the city performs annual overhead(32nd St E to 46th St E)at 253-952-3299. See the Countys and leaning vegetation trimming and 110th Ave Ct Ewebsite for more details on the pro- cleanup activity. We expect to be work- (46th St E to south end)gram: https://www.piercecountywa. ing in several locations, details yet to be 110th Ave Ct Eorg/1752/Owner-Maintain-Program. determined.Be on the lookout for crews(Karshner Rd E to south end)Stormwater Spot Improvements: City stafflater this summer, and please respect all Dechaux Rd Eis working to finalize the small projecttraffic control. (Meridian to city limit)work plan for this year, pricing and pri- Chip Seal and Paving:New in 2020, Capital Projects:Thanks to a combina-oritizing drainage improvements in thewe have all of our chip seal roadstion of impact fees, grants, and taxpayer following areas: mapped on our GIS Portal! Go to dollars, the City of Edgewood has12000 block of 36th Street East https://arcg.is/15HTG4, Click Layerseveral large projects planned to break11600 block of 48th Street East Groups, find Transportation, and theground this year:Pierce County Public Works crews willfirst on the list is Chipseal Routes. The 36th & Meridian Community Park execute the work plan later this summerplanned 2020 routes are yellow, withPhase Onethrough the end of the year, as weatherprior years in other colors (see legend). 56th Street East / Edgewoodand budget allow. Here is a list of roads scheduled for main- Drive / Sumner Heights Drive tenance and resurfacing this yearDrainage Improvements Edgewood Drive / Sumner Heights Freedom Martial Arts Academy Drive Intersection Repair 24th Street East / Meridian Ave E JOIN TODAY(253) 268-2874l2908 Meridian Ave E, Suite 107, Edgewood, WAlwww.fmaatkd.com Sidewalk ImprovementsOne 3 months for 24th Street East / 112th Avenue Monththe price of 2East Drainage Improvementsof unlimited Special priceMeridian Ave E / Emerald Street Taekwondo 230 Signal Improvementsor Kung Fu$ If you have any questions, concerns, or 4 (Regular price $345) comments on any of the above projects $ 9 *Uniform not included or programs, please contact Jeremy M MARTIAL AO RT Or $86 a monthD S *Uniform not included *Uniform included Metzler, Public Works Director atEE R ACADEMY jeremy@cityofedgewood.org, or by F Kid/Adult Martial ArtsShaolin Kung FuBarreHIITKali After School PickupBirthday Parties phone at (253) 952-3299 x114.10 | EDGEWOOD MAGAZINE Summer 2020'